Don’t Wait to repair that leak! It can cost you as much a 1000% more if you do.

Don’t make the mistake of putting off roof leaks. Rain, wind, hail and even sun all take their toll on the roofing materials used to construct your home.

Even a tiny roof leak left unattended is enough to breach the waterproof seal on your home or building and leave it wide open to water damage. And once moisture gets inside, your structure is susceptible to mildew, rot and mold.

We specialize in keeping your roof “healthy,” avoiding any major repairs in the future.

Roofing farmers Insurance
Roofing Insurance

We Work Directly with your Insurance to restore your roof.

Many times your insurance company is willing to act quickly in resolving these issues before they cause greater problems.

We Deal with the Insuance company for you.


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    Full Service Roofing Contractor

    We are a Fence & Roofing company who take pride in our work. We have been in this industry for twelve years and stay up to date with the latest roof systems and of course fence trends we are continually adding certifications to educate ourselves and apply our knowledge to our work.

    Skilled Craftsmen. Highest Standards

    We have assembled an experienced team of roofing craftsmen. ROOF & FENCE PRO of Spring hand picks skilled craftsmen and provides them with continuing education to perform roofing repair and replacement services to the highest standards on the latest roofing styles, using the latest technologies and systems.

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    Our Commitment to Excellence

    Our commitment to excellence is our legacy and we are so honoured to install a roof that makes a timeless and valuable addition to your home. Each project is supervised by three levels of management to ensure that we provide the products and services you expect.