Roofing for both Residential and Commercial projects throughout Katy.

Roof construction is usually on a very tight schedule, and because of this we will always communicate with the General Contractor to let them know just how long it will be for the roofing system to be finished.

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Rooftop installation Katy

Roof Construction Services

  • Premium Roofing Options: Asphalt, Tile, Slate, Metal, & More.
  • Same day roof installation for residential homes
  • Flexible scheduling around your construction calendar
  • Bonded and Insured


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    We install roofs covered by insurance!

    Many customers have been denied a new roof by their insurance company, if this is your situation, we can help! Since most storm damage can’t be seen from the ground, we will perform a free storm damage inspection. We then document your storm damage for your insurance claim. Most roofs do not need to be replaced, but need maintenance or affordable repairs. We can give you a free estimate for these services.

    Proper roof maintenance is important for every residential home. Keeping a check on even the slightest changes in your roofing structure and repairing the damage in a timely manner will minimize your risk of costly damage. ROOF & FENCE PRO Katy’s skilled and knowledgeable roofing craftsmen can offer you expert advice on your roof’s current condition and any repairs that may be needed. We have assembled an experienced team of roofing craftsmen. ROOF & FENCE PRO Katy handpicks skilled craftsmen and provides them with continuing education to perform roofing repair and replacement services to the highest standards on the latest roofing styles, using the latest technologies and systems. A commitment to excellence is our legacy and we are so honoured to install a roof that makes a timeless and valuable addition to your home.

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