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How to Qualify a Roofing Contractor in Spring, Texas

Will the contractor be around to service your roof? We will!

  • Has the contractor been in business for at least 10 years? Many roofers go out of business in 4 years.
  • Is the contractor local to the area?
  • Is the contractor A+ rated with the BBB?

Is the company trustworthy? We are!

  • Does the contractor have $2M in general liability insurance?
  • Does the contractor want to offset or forgive deductibles? This is insurance fraud in Texas. Read on for more details.
  • Does the contractor pay its bills? Is the contractor willing to provide you a lien release at the end of the project? If they do not pay their material or labor suppliers, the suppliers can put a lien on your home.

Is the contractor a quality roofer? We are!

  • Do they have a roofing manufacturers installation certification?
  • Does the company offer a 50 year transferrable manufacturer material warranty as well as a 10 year labor warranty?

Does the contractor specialize in insurance claims? We do!

  • Will the contractor inspect your roof for free?
  • Is the contractors contract FAIR and BALANCED?
  • Is the contractor offering you a 3 day right of recession? This is the law in Texas.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is our legacy and we are so honoured to install a roof that makes a timeless and valuable addition to your home. Each project is supervised by three levels of management to ensure that we provide the products and services you expect.

Skilled Craftsmen. Highest Standards

We have assembled an experienced team of roofing craftsmen. ROOF & FENCE PRO of Houston hand picks skilled craftsmen and provides them with continuing education to perform roofing repair and replacement services to the highest standards on the latest roofing styles, using the latest technologies and systems.

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Be an Educated Consumer!

Paying for deductibles, even partially, is illegal in Texas. “Hey, it’s OK; everyone does it, right?” WRONG

Offsetting or forgiving deductibles by a roofer can cause both the roofer and the insured to commit insurance fraud in Texas.

Offsetting your deductible payment for any reason is profiting from your loss. For example, if a roofer gives you $1,000 credit for placing a sign in your yard, or says they will cover 1% of your deductible, you are profiting and not paying your full deductible.

Insurance companies are including language on insurance claim summaries that address this issue. They are informing the insured that it’s illegal for the insured not to pay their full required deductible.

The very moment a roofer sends off a false invoice showing a higher deductible amount collected from you than was actually collected, then the roofer has committed fraud. If roofer provides a false invoice (or receipt) showing a higher deductible amount collected, and you (not the roofer) forward this to your insurance company, both parties have committed insurance fraud. However the homeowner may have committed wire fraud and also, they could have committed collusion.